Your Online Account

I want my partner to also get the visit report updates. What do I do?

There is a spot for a CC email address under details on your account. If you add your partner's email address they will also get the visit reports after each visit. We also suggest you share your TTP…


I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

We all forget from time to time! It's no problem at all. If you click the Login link on our website you'll be taken to our Time to Pet portal. You'll then see an option to retrieve your password belo…


Can I have multiple accounts for my pet?

Unfortunately, we can only provide one login for your pet so you will need to share your login info if someone else in your household is also scheduling visits. Also, you may add them to the cc'ed em…


How often should I update my account?

We ask that you update your info anytime anything changes. It's important to have all information in your account up-to-date because there may be a day your walker needs a day off and the substitute…


Will my information be shared with all the walkers?

The only time a walker has access to your information is when they are scheduled to do a walk for you. None of the other walkers are able to see your online information if they have not been assigned…


How long will you leave my account active?

We leave active client's accounts open for up to one year. If you have not used our services in a year, then we will make your account inactive. If you do wish to use our services again, please send…