Dog Walking

Why do you need two sets of keys?

We ask for two sets of keys in case of emergency or if the walker gets locked out. One set stays in your provided UT lockbox which is always accessible to you, and the other set stays in office in ca…

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Are there fees for last-minute scheduling?

We understand that people are busy and schedules change, so we are as flexible as we can with scheduling. We ask that you schedule your regular midday walks before 9am the day of. If a midday walk (M…

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Do you use Lockboxes?

Yes! Urban Tailz will provide new clients with their own lockbox for a one-time $10 setup fee. You're able to pick your own 4-digit code, and the lockbox location is noted in the access instructions…

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What is the price for a dog walk?

Our most popular service is our 30-min midday dog walk which is $20/visit. We have puppy walks for our puppy clients which are 20-min visits done 2-3 times per day. Those visits are $14/visit. If you…

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What if I don't need walks often?

We understand that some clients only need to use Urban Tailz services every once in a while, and we are more than happy to schedule walks for clients who only need sporadic walks. Sporadic walks are…

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What is your cancellation policy?

Clients are able to cancel their walk up to 2 hours before the start of their time window at no charge. If cancelling a visit within 2 hours of the start of your time window, then there is a 50% char…

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Do you provide night or weekend dog walks?

Yes! Urban Tailz is available for dog walks from 7am to 9:30pm 365 days a year. We do provide night and weekend walks to our current midday dog walking clients when needed. For evening walks, if you…

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What are puppy walks?

Urban Tailz loves puppies! We also know puppies need more attention and extra care than adult dogs. That's why we offer our 20-min puppy walks which are provided 2-3 times per day when you need us. W…

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Do you do walks on holidays?

Urban Tailz is available for walks 7am to 9:30pm 365 days a year. We never take a day off! All regular midday walks that fall on a holiday are cancelled automatically though. Our holidays includes: E…

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Are you accepting new dog walking clients?

Yes! We are always accepting new dog walking clients depending on where you live in the city. Please feel free to fill out our New Client from at and we will s…

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Can I have my walker's phone number?

The Time to Pet software makes it very easy to message your walker directly. It's like texting! We do not give out our walker's phone numbers to clients. We had a scary situation a while back with a…

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I have more than one dog. Is there a charge for an extra pet?

We charge $3 for each additional pet per visit.

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Do you offer dog walking packages?

Our clients have busy schedules that change frequently so we believe being as flexible as possible is the best for our clients. We don't want clients worrying about doing a certain number of walks ea…

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What happens in emergencies?

We have a system in place where the walker will contact all of our managers if an emergency takes place. The manager closest to the area will drive to the home immediately to help the walker with the…

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Can you feed my pet during their visit?

Of course! We can feed your pet during every visit if you'd like or only when needed. Whatever you need from us! There is no charge for feeding your pet during your scheduled visit.

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How do the walkers communicate with clients?

Communication is one of the biggest aspects of dog walking so we want our walkers to communicate well and effectively with their dogs' owners. All communication is done right through our Time to Pet…

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Do You Provide Appointment Times?

We offer 2-hour time windows for our 30-min or 50-min regular visits. We offer 1-hour time windows for our puppy walks. We are unable to provide exact appointment times due to demand.

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My dog has been aggressive in the past. Can I still be a client?

For aggressive pets, one of our managers will interview you and your pet, in person, to determine if there is a good fit between your pet and our services. There is no charge for this visit. If addit…

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Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

We want your pet's time to be special so we will only walk your pet during their visit. We will never walk multiple client's pets unless neighboring clients ask that their pets be walked together.

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Will you take my pet to the dog park?

Due to liability issues, we are unable to let your pet off-leash or take your pet to the dog park. We want to make sure your pet is well cared for and completely under control while we are caring for…

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Can I meet my walker?

Before setting up walks we schedule a meet and greet with an Urban Tailz manager who will come to your home, ask the right questions, take detailed notes about your pet and your home, and then will d…

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Will I always have the same walker?

Yes. We believe consistency is important and want our walkers to build a relationship with their pets and clients. You will always have the same walker unless your walker needs a day off for some rea…

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