Cat Sitting

Are you accepting new cat sitting clients?

Yes! We are always accepting new cat sitting clients ( except during Thanksgiving and winter holidays ) depending on where you live in the city. Please feel free to text us at 773-250-1767 or Sign Up…

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What is the price for a cat visit?

Weekday cat visits are $20/visit. Weekend cat visits are $25/visit. 50-min cat visits are $30/visit. Weekend 50-min cat visits are $33/visit. Holiday cat visits are $30/visit.

Updated 3 months ago

I have a friend doing some of my cat visits. Can Urban Tailz do the rest?

Unfortunately, no. Friends are notoriously bad cat sitters and there is usually a lack of communication between the friends/client/and UT sitter that often times ends up with things going wrong. We w…

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Can I have my cat sitter's phone number?

The Time to Pet software makes it very easy to message your sitter directly. It's like texting! We do not give out our sitter's phone numbers to clients. We had a scary situation a while back with a…

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I put in a schedule request but my visits still say pending. What's up?

We have no trouble getting cat visits covered so there is never any reason to fret about your requests. Our sitters don't always know their schedules far in advance, so there may be times where we do…

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What is your policy on scheduling visits over the winter holidays?

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years cat sitting requests are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We are usually able to accommodate all requests for cat sitting over the holidays, but we…

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How does scheduling cat visits work?

Many clients do 1 single visit a day if your cat is on dry food while other clients do 2 visits per day if your cat eats wet food and/or needs medication (no extra fee for medication administered). I…

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Can you give my cat meds if needed?

Of course! We are happy to administer meds (if your cat is okay with us doing it!). There is no extra charge for giving medication. Unfortunately, we are not able to give any sort of shots at this ti…

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Do you accept new clients over the holidays?

We are unable to accept new cat sitting clients over Thanksgiving and Christmas due to extreme demand from our current clients over those holidays.

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Can I meet my cat sitter?

One of our managers will come to your home to meet with you and your pets, take detailed notes about your pets and your home, and will enter all this information into your online account so your cat…

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What do your cat visits entail?

We will provide food, fresh water, and scoop litter for your pets per your instructions. We can also do any small chores needed (bring in mail, water plants, etc) while you're away. If your cat loves…

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