House Sitting

What is your house sitting cancellation policy?

We ask that you cancel your house sitting one week prior to the start of your sitting. If one-week notice is not given, then there is a one night ($75) cancellation fee. For Holiday house sittings, w…

Updated 3 months ago

How does your house sitting work?

How our house sitting works is you'll let us know when you'd like us to move into your home and then when you'd like us to move out that last day before you arrive back home. We'll move into your hom…

Updated 7 months ago

What is the price for house sitting?

Our house sitting is $75/day. This includes all walks and feedings your pet might need during this time. We treat house sitting like a hotel stay, so no matter what time a sitter checks into your hom…

Updated 9 months ago

How should I schedule a house sitting?

Scheduling a house sitting with the online system can be a little tricky. The best way to schedule the house sitting is to choose the house sitting time window (12am to 11:45pm) for every day you nee…

Updated 2 years ago

Will the house sitter follow the rules of my house?

Of course! We send all new house sitting clients a questionnaire about the rules of the house (where the sitter should sleep, what's off-limits, can they have things from the pantry, etc) that we pas…

Updated 2 years ago

I need someone to watch my dog for a few hours. Is that possible?

We will always try to help you with your dog sitting needs and can usually find a sitter for a few hours if you need someone during the evening or on the weekend. Unfortunately, we cannot do dog sitt…

Updated 2 years ago

I'm just looking for house sitting services. Do I need to be a regular dog walking client?

We are unable to take on house-sitting-only clients at this time do to extreme demand from our regular clients. We want to ensure our regular midday dog walking clients are able to schedule house sit…

Updated 2 years ago

Do you do house sitting over the holidays?

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years house sitting requests are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We maintain a list of requests starting in August and then book as soon as we can once o…

Updated 2 years ago

Will the house sitter have a party in my home?

Our house sitters know that they are to never have more than one guest over period, but we also send a questionnaire to our house sitting clients detailing the rules of the house. If you are not comf…

Updated 2 years ago

I have cameras in my home. Is it okay to leave them turned on while the house sitter is staying in my home?

Out of respect of privacy for our house sitters, we ask that you disconnect your in-home cameras while they are staying in your home. This only applies to cameras inside your home. Cameras placed out…

Updated 2 years ago

Does the house sitter need a bed to sleep on?

Our house sitters are very accommodating, but they do need a bed to sleep on if they are house sitting in your home. An air mattress or couch, etc are not acceptable. We hope you understand.

Updated 2 years ago

Do I have to feed the house sitter?

This is primarily up to you and another question covered in our house sitting questionnaire. Some clients buy food for the sitters, some are okay with the sitters eating some things from the pantry o…

Updated 2 years ago