How does scheduling cat visits work?

Many clients do 1 single visit a day if your cat is on dry food while other clients do 2 visits per day if your cat eats wet food and/or needs medication (no extra fee for medication administered). It is completely up to you. If scheduling one visit per day, then you have the option to schedule a morning visit, afternoon visit, or anytime visit. We give 4 hour time windows if scheduling 2 visits per day to ensure your visits are spaced out appropriately. 

We do require visits scheduled daily while you're away. We know that cats are very self-sufficient, but there is just too much that could go wrong if visits were scheduled every other day or 2 days in-between visits. A cat could get sick, they could tip over their water bowl and not have water for a couple days, or something worse. We want to make sure your pets are well taken care of while you're away so we want to see them daily!

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