How do you train your walkers?

Our walkers spend the first week with Urban Tailz in training. We have each manager take the walker out on a training walk so the walker gets a different perspective from each manager (we've all been doing this a long time!). We teach walkers the proper way to walk a dog including how to read a dog's behavior. We want them to know a wagging tail doesn't always mean a happy dog! We go over emergency situations and techniques needed to avoid certain situations like dog attacks, dog bites, or dogs running away. Each walker has a group chat set up so they can contact all managers at once with any question/issue they might have. They also have a manager who oversees their work depending on location in the city. 

We then slowly build up the new walker's dog walking route so they're not overwhelmed to start. We will introduce them to a couple of the dogs on their route each day. We give them tips on each individual dog based on our past experience with the dog. We show them where everything is in the home (so they're not walking in blind). Every walk is done with a partner to start. When they feel comfortable with a dog and home, they will do the next walk on their own. If they feel like they need more help with a dog, then we will meet the walker again to do the walk with them. A walker will never do a walk alone until they're comfortable!

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