What are adventure walks?

Joshua Stine Updated by Joshua Stine

Adventure walks are exactly what they sound like: an adventure for your dog! During the covid-19 shutdown we took our own dogs on adventures every day to different forest preserves, lakefront spots, and different suburbs. We found that our dogs absolutely LOVED these adventures. We also found that our dogs were far happier, better behaved, and shed some pounds. Our dogs absolutely love their adventures!

We knew we had to offer these walks to our extended furry family as soon as we were back from the shutdown. The walks have been a big hit with our clients and our furry friends. Our clients are able to pick the adventure they'd like for their pet(s) and can decide whether they'd like to have a group walk with other dogs or a solo walk with just their pet(s).

The pricing varies:

2-hour group walk: $50

3-hour group walk: $70

2-hour solo walk: $70

3-hour solo walk: $90

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