Will I always have the same walker?

Yes. We believe consistency is important and want our walkers to build a relationship with their pets and clients. You will always have the same walker unless your walker needs a day off for some reason. 

If they do need a day off, we will let you know by email either the night before or the morning of to let you know someone else is coming that day. If it's a last-minute issue, we will send you a text instead of an email. We have very detailed notes about your pets and your home listed in your online account so the substitute walker will be well-prepared before they visit your home to walk your pet.

We cannot guarantee the same walker if you are scheduling night or weekend visits. Most of our walkers are in school or have an evening job, so your regular walker may not be available for a given off-peak walk. We always ask them first if available, but will then ask other walkers if your regular walker cannot do the off-peak walk. 

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