Are your dog walkers trained on all harness and collar types?

Joshua Stine Updated by Joshua Stine

Urban Tailz dog walkers are trained on all popular harness and collar types including Easy Walk harnesses, Martingale collars, Gentle Leaders, and many more. Our walkers are trained to attach the leash to the chest area on harnesses such as the Easy Walk harness. If you wish our walkers to attach the to the back area instead of the chest area, then please let us know. We will make a notation in your account.

PRONG COLLARS AND CHOKE COLLARS: Urban Tailz will use a prong collar if a client requests us to use them, but we will NOT use choke collars on walks. While they are great tools for training, Urban Tailz believes choke collars are dangerous to use consistently without lots of training. We want nothing to happen to our pups!

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