What is the price for house sitting?

Our house sitting is $150/day. This price is all-inclusive that includes all walks and feedings your pet might need during this time. We treat house sitting like a hotel stay, so no matter what time a sitter checks into your home there is a $150 charge for every day the sitter spends the night. 

There is a sliding scale the last day when you arrive back home depending on how long you need the house sitter to stay. If the sitter moves out before 10am, the charge is $30. If the sitter moves out between 10am-4pm, then the price is $60. If the sitter moves out between 4pm-9pm, then the price is $90. Anything after 9pm is considered a full day and is charged at the full house sitting rate. 

There is a $25 charge per day for every extra pet

Urban Tailz cannot provide move-ins before 9am. A dog walk must be scheduled if a client needs a move-in before 9am.

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